Narva Business Advisory Services

Interested in doing business in the Narva region? Get your professional business and project support from Narva BAS Foundation!

Narva BAS Foundation

The Narva BAS Foundation is your reliable partner in the joint deliberation and finding effective solutions to all your endeavors and ideas.
The Narva BAS Foundation is a non-profit consultancy that promotes business development and support in North- East Estonia. NBAS was established in 1993 with the financial support of the European Union and Narva Government.
Today the Narva BAS Foundation provides a range of services for beginners and existing entrepreneurs in Estonia, as well as investors and businessmen from the European Union, Russia and other countries. We are actively engaged in project activities, and successfully develop and implement national and international projects.
NBAS means high quality of services and projects undertaken by professionals with years of experience. This is evidenced by our numerous customers, by contracts with the state agency Enterprise Estonia (EAS ), the Directorate General of DG "Enterprise" of the European Commission, the Narva City Government and other organizations. For 7 years NBAS hosted EuroInfoCenter (EE882), one of the 350 centers in the European network.

Our strengths are:

• more than 20 years of working experience with small and medium-sized businesses
• comprehensive advice, proven by practice
• a broad international network of partners and professionals
• 15 year-old project wise activities in attracting funding from the EU funds and programs.

Membership and representation:

• The European Association of cluster initiatives (EPROCA)
• The European Association of Regional Development Agencies(EURADA)
• EuroInfoCenter - European network Infocetre (1999-2007)
• The Estonian Association of Small Enterprises (EVEA)
• Association of Entrepreneurs of the Narva region (NREA)

Mission and operating principles

Mission of the Narva BAS Foundation: provision of quality services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, internationalization of business, promotion of innovation, and regional development. In our work we value efficiency, creativity and the interests of our clients.

Networking and Partnerships

During its existence, the Narva BAS Foundation has developed an extensive network of Estonian and international partners. Our network of business support organizations, universities, foundations, local governments in Estonia and the EU, as well as in Russia and the CIS countries give us a great advantage and ability to engage qualified professionals into our projects to address problems of our customers.