Project management

The word "project" has become very popular.

A project is usually defined as a set of activities carried out within a limited period of time and to a specific budget. Implementation of the project should lead to a positive change in the company, introduction of a new product or service, innovation and etc.

Proper project management is the key to its successful implementation. This demands special knowledge and skills, compliance with specific requirements of funds and programs, which give you the money for the project, and much more. For more than 15 years, we have possessed these competencies and have successfully generated project ideas, which were then implemented together with our clients in practice.

Our services in this domain range from generation of a project idea and development of the application to project implementation and final reporting. Please refer to our project record in Projects section.


Our project management services include:

  • Development of project proposals, budget, documentation
  • Set-up of project management, mobilization of the project team and definition of areas of responsibility
  • Assistance in the implementation of project action plan, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of results
  • Financial management, budget planning, reporting
  • Elaboration of a plan for communication campaign, visualization and PR
  • Organization of tenders for procurement of services, works, equipment
  • Monitoring and risk management
  • Project reporting to donors.

The cost of developing a project depends on your readiness to carry out the project activity, the caliber of the project, the complexity of requirements of the fund, the language of the project application, urgency, number of partners and many other aspects. Estimated cost can start at € 1500 and up to 6000 € or more.


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